Discover The Only ALL-WOMEN Outdoor Program That Will Get You Fit, Tight & Toned, Boost Your Confidence And Allow You To Feel Like YOU Again…



We Know Your Time Is Limited…

Trust us, we get it. 🙂 We work with super busy women like you every day. Women who are stuck inside at a desk all day and thought they’d never find enough time for themselves to get a great workout and begin to look and feel great again. After taking care of family, work/school and errands, who’s got tons of time? This is EXACTLY why we created the “30-Day Jump Start” – just for you! Get outside, let go of the day’s stressors, feel great and get your fitness back on track!

Now with these 3 simple steps you can get tight & toned and feel and look better than you have in years! It’s time for you to feel like *YOU* again!

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life Like These Women?

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So How Does The Jump Start Work?


Do 3+ of Our Women Focused Workouts Each Week

Each one of our women-only, outdoor circuit workouts is only 45 minutes which means they are fast, effective and will fit the busiest of schedules. You can also choose our Cardio hip Hop Dance classes.

These sessions are scientifically proven to help you burn more fat & tone your body faster. Plus they will leave you feeling energized each time you leave.



Follow Our Simple & Customizable Fat Burning Meal Plans

Who says healthy eating has to be confusing or tasteless?

These meals can be prepped in just minutes, they are convenient, easy to make, affordable, and will prove to you that healthy eating can be delicious as well as nutritious!


Focus on self-care

Truth is – it’s not just about diet and exercise.

Our approach to fitness addresses all aspects of your life – physical and emotional. Self care is an important part of self-love. Follow our simple tips to make small, easy changes to take better care of your self.


30-Day Jump Start


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

What Makes Us So Different?


I’m Jaylin Knight. My team of female personal trainers and I are known to many women here in San Diego for having ‘magical fitness fairy dust’.

We earned that reputation from the hundreds of women, just like you, who thought they could never enjoy exercising or stick to a program and get results. They thought that all exercise had to be hard and punishing – no way could it be a fun and positive experience.

Our program has taught the women of San Diego that change is possible, happiness is within reach and YOU CAN enjoy getting fit and looking and feeling the best you ever have!

Now, I have no interest in trying to twist your arm into joining. The fact of the matter is we have a limited number of spots and we only want to work with women that have a WANT to do work, feel great in their body, and be the best version of themselves. That’s it. So if you’re that kind of women, I want to hear from you!

We offer a 100% Happiness Guarantee. So you have nothing to lose – come try it now. Hit that SIGN UP button.

See you soon!

  • 360 HEALTH – Not only are we a fitness program with unlimited classes, we also offer nutritional coaching, recipes, shopping lists and one-on-one lifestyle coaching, all included in your membership. Your individual health is our priority and this 360 approach allows all of our members to receive tailored results based on their unique goals.
  • EXCLUSIVELY FOR WOMEN – Our outdoor fitness classes are women-only and at just 45 minutes, they are designed to fit into the demanding schedules and unique challenges we face these days. Our community of women inspire, support and encourage one another to be the best version of themselves.
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS  – No more slugging it out at the gym and getting nowhere. The most common reason women quit a fitness program is due to boredom and lack of results. We put an end to that by making sure you never do the same workout twice with our mix of fun specialty classes to keep you entertained and maximize results.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Unless you have a partner who encourages you to stick with your fitness regime, it’s easy to fall off the wagon. Here at Bootique, we have a built-in community who will keep you accountable, helping you to obtain your goals. Between the trainers and your new friends you’ll make in class, we will send “reminder” texts to sign in and check-ins if we haven’t seen you in a while.
  • COMMUNITY – Bootique is not just your typical gym where you show up, run on the treadmill for 30 minutes and leave. Our members and trainers form lasting friendships as we inspire and encourage each other to be our best. There is a sense of camaraderie here where everyone is welcome and encouraged. Members also enjoy monthly community events such as Happy Hours and Play Dates giving everyone a chance to unwind together.

  • ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME – There is no one size fits all program that works for everyone which is why we offer personalized training no matter if you have been a fitness buff for years or you are just starting out. Since our workouts allow you to go at your own pace, you will never be pushed beyond your limit and will build on your own personal stamina and strength.

Does This Seem Too Good To Be True?

Want To See More Transformations Like Danielle’s?

Danielle has dropped 50 lbs and continues on her fitness journey.

See her story here.


You’re probably wondering if this will actually work for you and you are probably a little nervous or scared to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

I want you to know something…

I am here for you, my trainers are here for you and most importantly, all of our members are here for you – we are a family.

In fact many of our members had that same skepticism and doubt in their heads when they started their transformations with us.

But just look at the results they achieved with the support of our programs. Feel free to come in and actually meet these people and hear their stories – they are REAL people just like you. 🙂

Are You Ready For A Real Change?

I want to help you achieve the same results as our clients have. You just need to follow the program that’s been laid out and you will see *INCREDIBLE* results – guaranteed!

The Program is simple actually…

– Attend 3 of our high energy 45-min workouts per week

– Follow your simple and satisfying meal plan that makes healthy eating enjoyable

– Show up for yourself. Your body will thank you with more strength, energy and toned muscles.

30-Day Jump Start


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

What’s Included With This Program?

  • Group Personal Training Sessions – Unlimited women only boot camp style classes – train under expert guidance from coaches that get to know you, how to motivate you and how help you customize the workout to your level with appropriate modifications.
  • Cardio Hip Hop Classes – Unlimited Access to our specialty classes so you can get the most out of your program by adding fun workouts and balance to your training schedule.

  • Convenient Schedule – With 25+ classes per week and locations all over San Diego, it’s now easier than ever to make the time for your workouts.

  • Private Motivational Coaching ‘Girl Talk’ Session – Bootique owner, Jaylin Knight, offers “Girl Talk” sessions to share her magic pixie dust – the contagious energy you will get from these sessions help you find your true motivation and develop strategies to overcome any obstacles that you’ve had in the past.
  • Nutritional Coaching – You don’t have to feel hungry all day in order to eat healthy and achieve your desired weight. We will show you how to make supportive food choices that taste good without feeling deprived.
  • Easy To Follow Meal Plans – Eating well has never been more simple. You’ll get our completely customizable meal plans to help you maximize your results. We also show you how to make food swaps so you only eat foods you enjoy.
  • Grocery Shopping Lists – that will save you time and money while helping you stay focused.
  • Total Body Assessments – There are many ways to track progress. This is an optional service if you like to track by numbers. You can get before and after pics, measurements, body fat analysis and weigh-ins to make sure you’re getting results.
  • Private Facebook Group – Connect with this exclusive group of Bootique’ers – ladies just like you, with similar goals and similar challenges. This community is great for providing support and advice to one another.
  • You will feel a sense of Camaraderie and Accountability – The energy of our group classes will motivate you to show up… but if you don’t, we’ll reach out, find out why you’re missing and help you get back on track.

  • Unlimited Support & Guidance – from your trainers and your fitfam community that will help you keep the motivation you will need to make this program a success.
  • Member’s Only Tools – Get access to our Member’s Only Site where you’ll find incredible tools to make your journey easier like our Success Guide, Nutrition Hacks, Cardio-On-The-Go and Video Library of workouts we have designed for you.
  • Guest Passes – Invite your friends to come workout with you for free!
  • Have More Energy – Enjoy feeling good, energetic and inspired to get out, be active and play.

  • Feel Strong and Confident  – Enjoy looking and feeling your best while you celebrate being in the best shape of your life!

100% Money Back Guarantee

What Does It Take To Get Amazing Results?

It only takes 3 days a week for 45 mins to get in incredible shape and drop some unwanted pounds!

And follow our easy-to-follow fitness and nutrition plan – we lay it all out for you!

There’s no need to hesitate, claim your spot in our challenge today, and get the body you deserve. We believe in this program so much, we offer a risk-free money back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason at the end of this program, we will issue you a full refund – no hard feelings.

That is how confident we are that you will absolutely LOVE this Bootique Program!

30-Day Jump Start


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have 25+ classes available - both morning and evening classes spanning 7 days a week. See our Schedule for full details.
This is best summarized by one of our members: Jane H. says: "I have never had SO MUCH FUN working out. I am much stronger since I began this San Diego boot camp! And I have so much more definition in my arms and legs. My clothes are fitting better, and I really have a lot more energy. The trainers, are serious about making sure we get a great workout, but they make it super fun, and encourage everyone individually. It is easy to stick with the Bootique Fitness classes because they are always a surprise - you never know what the routine will be, and the other girls are a blast! I can't say enough about the trainers. The workouts are always hard, but very do-able. They each have amazing attitude and energy. Plus, they're fun and is super knowledgeable. And huge motivators! Jaylin, the owner, doesn't leave any room for excuses or procrastinating. She really helps people reach their goals because she holds everyone accountable. The main thing about the trainers is that they individualize the workout where needed and come around to each person in class for individual attention." 
Participants are encouraged to bring their own weights for added intensity. Special instructions: Bring a yoga mat, water and pair of dumbbells (10-15 lbs for most). During COVID, unfortunately, we cannot bring you equipment but we can modify your workout for bodyweight or bands of your own if you don't have access to dumbbells. Dress in athletic wear, sneakers and be prepared to sweat. It's a good idea to wear layers. The most important thing is to be comfortable.
Yes! Changing the way you eat can feel overwhelming, but we intend to ease you into adopting healthier dietary habits for long-term success. You will receive customizable meal plans that allow you to eat foods you enjoy as well as a custom nutrition guide, grocery list and added tips. Plus, Jaylin offers a one-on-one motivational strategy session to help you sort it all out.
While some other programs might, we do not. We respect that some women like to check their weight frequently while others do not. So we offer full body assessments where we can track your weight, measurements and body fat percentage but we do not require members to do it. Instead, we focus on building good habits of exercising and eating well and keeping a positive mindset. We encourage you to pay attention to how you feel, how your clothes fit and what you see in the mirror. It’s not about what the scale says or what some arbitrary number says, it’s about a visual change. Time and time again, we've found that women have an easier time dropping weight and inches when they don't focus on the scale.
We are not a 'typical boot camp'. We design our classes to allow for natural modifications and progressions for each individual woman. There will be others in the class that are in the same shape as you as well as people more advanced and less advanced. Each person will have the opportunity to work at their own level. As a beginner, we may start you slow but as you gain experience we will constantly encourage to push to the next level, over and over again. Your body is more powerful than you probably know, it will advance quickly. We are here to help you every step of the way. You will find your classmates very supportive and encouraging. Our program attract that type of person. 🙂
Remember when you were a kid and you loved to play at the park - that's what we do! We create fun exercises and programs to increase your health and fitness, strengthen your body, reduce your weight, burn your fat off, heal your aches and make you feel like a kid again. Your program will be customized to challenge you at your current fitness level whether this is your first time exercising or if you have been an athlete all your life, we can make you even better.
You can expect to achieve a transformation of both body and mind. Not only will you look and feel better, but the biggest achievement is a new attitude that fitness can be a fun, positive part of your life. No longer will you feel like doing your workout is a dreadful chore, once you experience the joy and fun of truly experiencing amazing results while having fun with your friends in the park, you will have created a new mindset when it comes to your fitness and staying healthy. Your body transformation will be worth celebrating as you can expect to see yourself become toned, tighter and firmer. You will love the new sensation of energy you will feel. Stress will be under control or even disappear. Your stamina and strength will increase, while your weight and body fat decrease. Your arms, thighs and bum will firm up, and your tummy flatten. Inches will literally melt away as you add lean muscle and release unwanted fat. Your skin will have a healthy glow and you're quality of sleep will greatly improve. Skeptical? This is what I know: once you experience it, you WILL believe it. On top of that, you'll have a lot of fun!
First - check our schedule to see if we've updated the class to an indoor location or cancelled. We're not afraid of getting a little wet, but we will move or cancel the class if conditions appear dangerous. As for the dark - there are plenty of street lights where we workout, so we're never in the dark.
Fantastic! We are eager to work with you and help you achieve your fitness goals! For Personal Training Group classes - you can schedule your free trial online here. For 1-on-1 Personal Training, call Jaylin, Founder of Bootique Fitness at 619.602.8087 to schedule a free consultation or send her a message to  have her call you.