Living a healthy life goes much deeper than most think. There is a lot to making your life a fulfilling one and it is completely up to you to take it there. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you are transforming into a better Y-O-U!

  1. Walking after every meal gets your digestive system grooving. So after you munch go for a quick walk. The results will blow you away.
  2. Do what makes YOU happy and not what you are expected to do by others.
  3. Switch up your workouts to avoid a workout plateau this will ensure that you continue to strengthen your body and lose weight.
  4. Drink plenty of water. The clearer your tinkle – the better.
  5. Read inspirational books that motivate you.
  6. Workout everyday – even if it is only for ten short minutes. It WILL make a difference.
  7. Stick to a sturdy, nutritional meal plan for six days out of the week. Pick on ‘cheat day’ where you can go off your meal plan just a little bit. This little bit of flexibility will help avoid binging.
  8. Surround yourself with positive, energetic people who have similar goals and mindsets.
  9. Log your progress over time. Share it with friends and family. They will be more than happy to encourage you along the way, so don’t be afraid to let them know just how great you are doing.
  10. Stop making excuses. Go out and get it!
  11. Listen to motivational music – whatever gets you going will help you push harder throughout your workout.
  12. Give yourself room and space to relax and de-stress. Stop wasting your energy on stressful things, save it up for a banging workout.
  13. Try to get a massage at least once a month. If more often is possible – do it!
  14. Drink green tea! This is a great coffee substitute and it has weight loss boosting ingredients that you won’t want to skip out on.
  15. Give to a charity or volunteer. The more you contribute to your community, the happier and more pleasant you will be knowing you have helped others out.
  16. Gain as much knowledge as possible about your health and nutrition. The more you know, the better your results will be.
  17. Do something that scares you and excites you ever day.
  18. Live every day to the very fullest!
  19. Try some different tabata intervals or metabolic resistance training.
  20. Lastly, stay focused on your goals. Know them and come back to them daily.