Strengthen your back with these 2 exercises

In this video, Fauntelle, a San Diego Boot Camp Instructor, performs a circuit of exercises that will strengthen your back and obliques. All you need is a resistance band and something to wrap it around. Make sure your band is stable before you pull on it.

You’ll do each exercise for 50 seconds with a 10 second rest between exercises. Set your interval timer to 50 seconds and 10 seconds.

Back exercises improve your posture

Making your back stronger will help you to stand up taller. You will naturally look slimmer, improve your breathing and work out muscle imbalances that are created from sitting in a chair all day. This will also help relieve low back pain.

There are 3 exercises in this circuit

Boot Camp Exercise #1: Resistance band lat pulls
Boot Camp Exercise #2: Resistance band back rows
Boot Camp Exercise #3: Resistance band oblique twists

Leave a comment and let us know how many rounds you completed.