Dance Fitness Video For Gibberish

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Gibberish - Max feat. Hoodie Allen Are you the type of gal that likes to drive with the radio up? Do your toes twitch when that beat drops? The right song can really pick up your mood, while an overplayed track can get a little stale. At Dance Fitness Party, we curate our playlist so it's always fresh and upbeat. [...]

Andas En Mi Cabeza – Dance Video For Zumba Lovers

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Andas En Mi Cabeza - Chino Y Nacho Chino Y Nacho created this beautiful song about a guy who imagines marrying a girl. Now she's in his head all the time. San Diego Cardio Dance Fitness Classes You've probably heard of Zumba - the Latin-inspired dance craze that's getting people fit all over the world. Our Dance Fitness classes are [...]

Tambourine Dance Fitness Video For Eve

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Shake Shake Shake Shake Shake Let Your Inner Dancer Out! We are only human, and we tend to keep our emotions (anger, sadness, anxiety, etc…) inside. They are kept in due to work or family or they may manifest themselves in body pain or restless sleep. Instead of keeping all this in, let’s get it out; via dance! Our bodies [...]

Old School Hip Hop Dance Fitness Video to LL Cool J

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Headsprung - LL Cool J Things that are addictive: tobacco, sugar, drugs. Vices can be bad for you. But there’s one thing you can get addicted to that’s totally okay: dancing! Join us for our zumba-style cardio workout and love something that loves your body back! Our Dance Fitness Party workouts in San Diego are addictive because they give your [...]

Dance Fitness Party Video For Flo Rida Dirty Mind

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Dirty Mind - LL Cool J Does the 9-5 have you feeling down? All work and no play is no way to live! Bring some balance to your life and some bounce to your step by joining us for our Dance Fitness Party! Our classes are inviting, easy to follow fitness fun for all levels. Staying active doesn’t always have [...]

Dance Fitness Video – Don’t You Need Somebody

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Don't You Need Somebody - RedOne Do you ever have a hard time not only motivating yourself to get to the gym but motivating yourself to stay there? Maybe you have a tough workout ahead or it’s just one of those days where you aren’t really feeling it? One of the best ways to keep yourself sweating and burning calories [...]

Fiesta Buena – Latin Pop Dance Fitness

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Fiesta Buena (DJ Mam) Change it up Have you been doing the same workout routine for months, or even years? Although all exercise can be beneficial, doing the exact exercise routines and workouts over and over will eventually reduce the physical benefits. This is what we all know as our “plateau”. What a better way to break that routine and [...]

Bruno Mars Magic for Dance Fitness 24K

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24K - Bruno Mars Shimmy Away Calories at a Dance Fitness Party! Love Zumba? We have a "Boo"-tip to get the most out of your next class! One way to boost calorie burn during a Zumba workout is to fully extend your arms when following the dance moves. It sounds so simple, but if you make the effort to engage [...]

Ayy Ladies – Cardio Hip Hop Dance Video

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Ayy Ladies - Travis Porter Get Moving this Spring with Cardio Hip Hop Classes As the breezy days of spring pass us by, the idea of signing up for cardio class can sound exhausting. But this is why we are so grateful for Bootique's take on Zumba-style classes, a dance fitness class where we can ramp up our heart rates, [...]

Take It Off – Cardio Hip Hop Dance Fitness Video

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Take It Off - Lil Jon - Dance Fitness with Bootique Plain old cardio? Nah... Aerobic and Anaerobic. These types of exercise may sound familiar and we need both to be fit and healthy. Aerobic (aka cardio) exercise helps our cardiovascular system, pumping oxygen and making our hearts healthy; such as running, walking, and DANCE. Anaerobic workouts are just as [...]